January Meeting Postponed:

Due to the existing court application by Melissa Heney, Janis Lavoie and the Hamlet of Lone Rock the January meeting for remaining residents in Lone Rock will be postponed. 



Organized Hamlet of Lone Rock 

The Lone Rock Organized Hamlet Board is responsible for making all recommendations and requests for services on behalf of their voters.   All requests for culverts, mowing, street maintenance, water pumping, snow removal, garbage collection, dust control, street lights & dog control and septic tank pumping must be submitted to the Lone Rock Organized Hamlet Board.
Current Board members are:
Melissa Heney
Lloyd Ludwig
Donna Woods
Candace Blain
The Organized Hamlet Board is responsible for submitting all recommendations to the RM Council.

The municipality is progressing with the Lone Rock Renewal Project as detailed in August 27, 2018 statement below.  The Municipality is aware that the Lone Rock Residents have acquired a lawyer.  At this time no additional comments will be made regarding the Lone Rock Renewal Project


Lone Rock Renewal Project August 27, 2018



1.  Lone Rock was a busy community in the 1950’s, because of the oil boom that started in the immediate area in 1947.  But from 1970’s forward began to rapidly decline. As a result of the loss of the school and elevator, the village became a Hamlet.

2.  The Hamlet Board has been focused on keeping taxes at a minimum, and protesting the RM to subsidize Hamlet costs more. 

3.  Currently, the residents of Lone Rock pay approximately 1/2 of the cost of Hamlet maintenance and operations. The balance is covered by the tax dollars of other ratepayers in the RM.

4.  A citizen initiative to lower taxes as a result of the 2017 assessment resulted in a downgrade in an assessment from 4.1 to 2.1 million. 

5.  A complete waste water renewal is currently pending with an anticipated cost in excess of $1.5 Million.

6. The water is currently within provincial guidelines and had a projected renewal date of 2030.  However, increasing regulation, system failure, and distribution line failure over the last four years suggest that a complete water renewal may be required as early as 2022-2024. Estimated renewal costs are $1.5 to $2.0 Million.

7. A drop in assessment also takes a human toll as it creates a significant probability of loss of equity. (drop in property values).  This is expected to be as much as 33%.  Greatest impacted residents will be the most vulnerable:

  • the elderly looking for home equity funding

  • those holding a high percentage of mortgage vs. property value

  • residents with special needs

Council’s Decision to Consider conversion of Hamlet to Country Residential Subdivision  

Based on: 

  • Continued decrease in SAMA Assessment:  Current assessment $2.1 million, down from $3.2 million in 2013, 2017 initial assessment of $4.1 million.

  • Growing subsidization of operating costs in Lone Rock.

  • Growing Tax arrears greater than $20,000 which equates to an uncollectable risk. 

  • More than $3 million in water/sewer upgrades needed in the upcoming term (renewal cost of $80,000 per household).

  • 2018 Hamlet debt to RM Wilton - Operation deficit of $137,897.42 as of July 31, 2018. 

  • Potential devastating property value drop hurting the most vulnerable residents.

    RM Council decided to explore if residents were committed to staying in Lone Rock as a quiet bedroom community with falling property values, or if some would choose to relocate if a purchase offer of appraised value plus 5% were given.

 Phase 1 

May 20, 2018 – August 21, 2018

  • Offer residents the chance to sell their property to an undisclosed buyer.

  • If a target number of properties could be acquired, move to Phase 2.

  • If insufficient uptake, quietly put the properties back on market.  

Phase 2

August 22, 2018 – October 30, 2018

  • Aug 21st Public Meeting held to update change of classification of Hamlet to Country Residential Subdivision.

  • Continued offer of property purchases at "Appraisal plus 5%”.

  • Assistance with special needs/special circumstances.

  • Limiting of new building permits.

  • Sewer Operations to November 2020.

  • Water Operations to November 2022, can be extended to 2024 if required.

  • All required water/sewer options to be completed prior to discontinuation of services.

  • No disruption of service.

  • Convert two purchased properties to a well or cistern water supply, and sewage holding tank for test phase, to better establish costs.

  • Begin removal and reclamation of purchased properties where conditions are not acceptable for off-site resale. 

Phase 3 

Jan 2019 – May 2019

  • January meeting for Residents remaining in Lone Rock. (Date to be determined)

  • Schedule of conversion dates and costs.

  • Maintain and work closely with Saskatchewan Health, Saskatchewan Environment, and Saskatchewan Government Relations.

  • Provide road access to sewage lagoon at RM Wilton Municipal Office& Shop Complex.

  • Arrange waste transfer providers, establish costs. 

  • Bulk purchase conversion items and services.

Phase 4 

Jun 2019 to Oct 2020

  • Conversion of properties to larger lot sizes.

  • Installation of required "self managed” water/sewer system conversions.

  • Education opportunity for residents on new systems.

  • RM will continue to monitor all aspects of conversion, and adjust where necessary.

  • Extension of "discontinued service” dates subject to all conversions complete, and working to RM satisfaction. 

Phase 5

Jan 2021 – Jan 2022

  • Final Consultations on future subdivision planning with Saskatchewan Government Authorities.

  • Decommissioning/Cleanup of existing water/sewer facilities.

We at the Rural Municipality of Wilton are committed to working with Provincial Government Agencies to achieve the best situations and circumstances for all residents of Wilton. Lone Rock residents are no exception. We believe that chronic subsidization of one people group at the expense of another is NOT acceptable.  We are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for all Lone Rock residents, both those choosing to change their address, and those who choose to remain.



2018 Garbage/Recycle pick up schedule:
Hamlet Bylaws

Lone Rock is located 14 miles south of highway 16 on range Road 3273.  

Lone Rock Dog Control Officer
Sabra Patmore